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Post by Sassyazz on Mon Oct 29, 2012 8:58 am

Here is a list of helpful links I will add links as i find them, if you know of a link that has helpful information please post it and i will move it to the top

General information
Rage of Bahamut forum all sorts of information here:
Rage of buhamut Wiki:
Rob forum basics guide: need new link

Card information
Rob wiki card listing:
Rob links to complete lists: need new link

Card evolving
Rob wiki evolving page:
Rob forum evolving chart: need new link
Rob forum evolving potential chart:need new link

Card enhancing
Rob wiki enhancement page:
Rob wiki skill boost chart:

Deck building

trading is buyer be ware any information you see in this link should be used as a reference only when in doubt ask
Rob forums trade forum: need new link

Confirm the evolution of a card: need new link


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